[Lazarus] Error compiling Lazarus with IDE_MEM_CHECK defined

Luiz Americo Pereira Camara luizmed at oi.com.br
Tue Mar 11 15:25:09 CET 2008

> The gtk1 implementation uses get_xvisualinfo to retrieve an unspecific
> visual. The gtk2 implementation uses glXChooseVisual, which takes a
> filter. The default filter is to search for a double buffered, RGBA
> visual with stencil buffer. Maybe mesa does not provide such a visual.
> I added an exception, when no such visual was found.
> Either the defaults must be changed or a fall back mechanism is needed.
Maybe I will write a nonsense.
Is it not possible to use an "unspecific" visual also in GTK2? Like for GTK?
Anyway when the exception will be raised? If I run an app compiled for 
GTK2 with a TOpengGLControl I am not able to see any exception raised.
How can I catch that the computer where the application is supposed to 
run is not able to use OpenGL? I would like to substitute the 
TOpenGLControl with a fixed image for example instead of the execution 
stopping of my application. How can I do it?
Another question, our molecule viewer works quite fine on windows (still 
some problems with TOpenGLControl refresh), we can draw and rotate the 
molecule. Also if constituted of hundreds of atoms.
The same molecule viewer if compiled for linux, both GTK and GTK2, 
become slow. Rotation, that is a lot of drawing, is very slow.
It is a problem of OpenGL (graphics card acceleration, Linux drivers...) 
on Linux or the TOpenGLControl component is slower on linux?

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