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coppolastudio at virgilio.it coppolastudio at virgilio.it
Wed Mar 12 10:38:08 CET 2008

Rainer Hamann ha scritto:
> I developed a teaching / learning edition 
for pascal based on Delphi and 
> RemObjects Pascal Script.
> There 
are two different levels at the moment :
> One is Logo like and 
tested with children of 9 years and up, another 
> uses objects based 
on the main form of the application with no objects 
> to be declared 
inside the program. The second one is tested with pupils 
> of 14 years 
and up.
> My idea is to downgrade the Lazarus ide by compiler options 
in order to 
> make it more simple for beginners and to add some tools 
like wizards and 
> so on. May be I need help, but some tools are ready 
in the Delphi 
> application.
> I would like to know, if there is 
interest in such a tool.
I've done a messages composer package (manage 
messagedlg, questiondlg, inputbox, showmessage ect.). It's rought but 
for what I need is OK. I already proposed it to the Laz developers but 
I got no reply. I can send it either to you or to the list and, of 
course, I can work on it.
Salvatore Coppola

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