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Graeme Geldenhuys graemeg.lists at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 15:25:26 CET 2008

At the moment TFileListBox is broken, that is, it does not correctly display
filenames according to the filetype (if FileType = [ftNormal] it does not
display any files for example).

I wrote a patch and proposed it in the bugtracker, but, because I'm not
absolutely sure about the desired behaviour of TFileListBix, Vincent
suggested that I'd ask for feedback on this mailinglist.

As far as I can see, studying the Delphi 3 Helpfiles, the FileListBox should
act on the FileType property in the following way:

   1. if FileType = [] (empty set) then no files will be displayed.
   2. A regular file is a file that does not have the faHidden,
   faSysFile, faDirectory, or faVolumeId attribute set.
   3. if FileType contains ftNormal, then all regular files will be
   4. a file with (for example) attribute faHidden+faSysFile will only be
   showm if ftHidden and ftSystem are in Filetype (much like FindFirst shows
   files according to the Attribute)
   5. if ftNormal is not in FileType then a file will only be shown if it
   has the faDirectory, faHidden, faSysFile or faVolumeId set, that is regular
   files will not be shown.
   6. setting ftReadOnly does not have any effect on the shown files
   (behaviour observed in Delphi 3 Pro on Win9x)
   7. setting ftArchive does not have any effect on the shown files
   (behaviour observed in Delphi 3 Pro on Win9x)

In short: setting the FileType gives the same behaviour as setting
Attributes for Findfirst with the exception of rule nr. 5 (excluding regular

My question of course to you all is: are these assumptions correct?
If so I will finetune my patch and post it back on the bugtracker.

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