[Lazarus] Fr patch

Lepidosteus lepidosteus at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 17:45:33 CET 2008

Some more translated messages:

msgid "abort build" => "annuler la construction"

msgid "View unit dependencies" => "Voir les dépendances de l'unité"

msgid "Results" => "Résultats"

msgid "Open target" => "Ouvrir la cible"

msgid "File is used" => "Fichier en cours d'utilisation" (depends on
how it is used, this translates to "file being used", a statement
about the file state)

Also, "Explorateur d'incompatibilités" doesn't sounds so gound for
"Restriction browser" but again i don't know where or how it is used
(not using lazarus a lot).

I am french

Vianney Devreese - Lepidosteus

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