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I didn't have any concern - heck it looks way cool.  I was just suprised to see this on laptop.org.
It got me thinking I should try to get Laz going on my OLPC.  That didn't occur to me.

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Depends I guess on exactly what you mean by OLPC project.
And what your concerns are.

Has the WorldVistA project been officially endorsed by OLPC management?  
Not yet.  I'm hoping it will be soon.

Is it targeted for a garden variety linux PC or the OLPC XO.  Definitely the XO.

A commercial vendor already has a mono port that runs on Linux.

Will all work on this project be released under the GPL?  Definitely!

The event is an OLPC Health Jam.  There will be lots of other folks working on
OLPC Health related projects, and if you decide you don't like us or our project,
you can defect and join another team working on Medical Sensor hardware,
health curriculum,...  

If you attend the event, I'm sure you will find something fun, constructive,  worthwhile...
Whether or not it is our project. 

2008/3/14 Jon Bertrand < JonB at cirris.com>:

Is this an OLPC project or just a Jam to get the VistA going on Linux?

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I'm organizing a team attending Health Jam Seattle
April 18-20


We will be porting the VA's VistA software frontends
to Lazarus/Free Pascal.  VistA is the IT infrastructure
that runs the VA's hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics.
It includes a complete Electronic Medical Record System.


We are hoping some Lazarus/Free Pascal developers will join us.

VistA CPRS Delphi source statistices

Count of files by extension

.avi 1
.bak 21
.BMP 1
.bmp 117
.~bpl 1
.bpl 1
.cfg 5
.dcp 1
.dcr 5
.dcu 18
.ddp 236
.~ddp 74
.dfm 252
.~dfm 85
.dklang 1
.doc 1
.dof 5
.dpk 4
.~dpr 1
.dpr 1
.drc 5
.~dsk 1
.dsk 2
.dsm 1
.html 1
.jcf 1
.JDF 1
.JGF 1
.jpg 1
.jsb 1
.jsd 1
.JSS 1
.map 1
.old 1
.~pas 100
.pas 326
.rc 1
.res 10
.~tlb 1
.tlb 1
.~txt 1
.TXT 1
.txt 2
.vpw 1
.we 1

.pas files total 204651 lines

We hope to have gotten past compilation issues by the
HealthJam, and be focusing on the necessary VCL
components missing from LCL.  But we may still 
be fighting compilation issues.

Been resisting the urge trying to extract the VCL calls
from the code.  Been hoping to get through the compilations
and get the linker or somthing to give me a count.

Folks who are familiar with the CPRS code to a quick look at: 


And noticed TFrame and TRichEdit are missing.  
There's almost certainly more.

I made a couple stabs at converting to Lazarus.

Most recent on a Ubuntu box using the testing repos

    lazarus 0.9.24 beta 5/11/07
    free pascal  2.2.0-1

Getting "safecall" errors at compile time.  I see stuff in the
bug tracker about "safecall" runtime issues not resolve till

So next thing I need to do is find the right vintage of Lazarus/Free Pascal.
Drew Einhorn 

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Drew Einhorn 

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