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Dominique Louis dominique at savagesoftware.com.au
Sat Mar 15 10:01:05 CET 2008


> I developed a teaching / learning edition for pascal based on Delphi and
> RemObjects Pascal Script.
> There are two different levels at the moment :
> One is Logo like and tested with children of 9 years and up, another

There was a pascal-based programming language & IDE called "Karel",
and it work similar to logo:


Unfortunately, I was for DOS. There was even a book.

There are modern versions, but related to C/C++ & Java.

Im not sure, but seems that the tool you are working,
and the "Karel" tool share similar things, like
a visual representation, kids can understand, like logo,
and an structured programming language based on pascal.

Many schools doesn't teach programming stuff like logo,
anymore, they don't found it useful :-s

But, I have confirmed, that such kind of tools,
actually improve kids ability to solve problems,
in life, even if they don't go to study Programming
in Collegue or University...

> I would like to know, if there is interest in such a tool.

Could you define "interest" ?

I think a such kind of tool could be good, for schools.

If you are looking for developers, you could be more specific.

My daily job doesn't leave me much of a time, but your project seems useful,
I may see how I can help...



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