[Lazarus] Bitmap.Assign loses PixelFormat information on Mac OS X

Marc Weustink marc at dommelstein.net
Sat Mar 15 15:40:35 CET 2008

Dominique Louis wrote:
> Hi Marc,
>    I totally understand that when you first create a Bitmap it should 
> not have a PixelFormat, so defaulting to pfDevice is fine, but surely in 
> the case of an Assign call it should copy the properties over as well. I 
> would be surprised if it does not work that way in Delphi.

Maybe I wasn't clear enough, for now, only fpDevice is supported. 
Whatever format you choose for a TBitmap, it gets always converted to 
pfDevice the moment you need a handle (and for a bitmap that is sooner 
than you expect) This is a limitation of the current implementation. It 
might/will get changed somewhere itn the future, but till then you have 
only pfDevice.


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