[Lazarus] Lazarus for education

Rainer Hamann rainer at hamann-kiel.de
Tue Mar 25 19:34:42 CET 2008

I have uploaded a first version (VERY beginning) of laz4edu. Debugging 
of the Lazarus IDE needed a few hours in order to understand, how parts 
of the IDE are working. It can be configured very easy, congratulations 
to the designers!!

Developers are welcome!

You can download my Delphi version of "visual_itg", but source is not 
included, because I used some commercial components.

Windows EXE, run with wine :
see README included

Source of laz4edu :
see README included

Create a directory {$LazarusDir}/laz4edu-ide and put the contents of 
laz4edu-ide.zip into that directory. Open the project file laz4edu.lpi 
and compile and start it. I always have an exception class 'External: 
SIGSEGV' when closing it. No idea why at the moment.

Rainer Hamann

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