[Lazarus] Debugger problem

Alex du Plessis alexdup01 at telkomsa.net
Thu Mar 27 06:47:02 CET 2008

Hi !

In my application (Win32/Unicode/last snapshot/closed source), I use a  
TNotebook within another TNotebook and other many components  
(TTreeView/TSpeedButton/TCheckbox...). A structure like this :
  - TNoteBook (7 pages)
      	- Components
	- [...]
	- TNotebook (8 Pages)
		- Components
		- [...]

All these components are created at design time (from the IDE). All  
images used by all components are provided by a TImageList (except for  
TSpeedButton) from another form.

At runtime controls of pages are not visible when they have to.

For example, I have some components of the first page visible (and  
fully working) but it is actually the second page which is selected.  
And only a part of all components are visible.
Screenshot : http://ftn.shikami.org/misc/Lazarus/notebook-wrongdisplay.jpg
The same for all other notebooks.
The `ActivePageComponent` properties are modified by the event  
`OnSelectionChange` of two TTreeView. I have to select all visible  
pages, one by one, to have the expected behavior. Worse, after a few  
click on the treeview (around 15 or 20), all images disappear (except  
for TSpeedButton) and sometimes a bad one is printed for the selected  
item (in TTreeView or TMenu)
Before : http://ftn.shikami.org/misc/Lazarus/imagelist2.jpg
After : http://ftn.shikami.org/misc/Lazarus/imagelist.jpg

I observed all work perfectly if I am not playing with the following  
properties :
  TPage.visible and TPage.TabVisible

With these properties, I would like to hide some pages. May be it is  
not the good way to do this ?
Could someone explain me the difference between `TPage.Visible` and  
`TPage.TabVisible` ?

If it is real bug, I would like to reproduce this behavior.

Thanks !

Damien Gerard
milipili at shikami.org

"Intelligence is 10 million rules."
    -- Douglas Lenat

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