[Lazarus] Embedding Gecko engine inside Lazarus/Free Pascalapplication

Yury Sidorov jura at cp-lab.com
Mon Mar 31 10:55:38 CEST 2008

From: "Paul Ishenin" <ip at kmiac.ru>
> Michael Van Canneyt пишет:
>> On Mon, 31 Mar 2008, Graeme Geldenhuys wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Has anybody tried to embed the Gecko rendering engine inside a 
>>> Lazarus
>>> / Free Pascal applications?  This would make available a full spec
>>> browser / HTML viewer for applications. Similar to what 
>>> TWebBrowser
>>> wraps IE for Delphi, but at least the Gecko engine is 
>>> cross-platform.
>> I have tried, the problem is that it works with XPCom. Since that 
>> is C++
>> and I didn't feel like generating a 'flat' wrapper library, I 
>> abandoned
>> the effort.
> I've read that XPCom is simmilar to Com and that mostly all thing 
> can be
> done through nsISupports interface. So maybe XPCom support can be 
> embed
> into compiler as Com support is?

XPCom interfaces are identical to COM interfaces. There is no need to 
implement something special in the compiler.
GeckoSDK for Delphi has all basic stuff to communicate with embedded 
browser. But it is outdated a bit.
Also there is XPIDL2PAS compiler which can convert XPCom .idl files to 
.pas headers. This tool is from Gecko-Delphi Framework, which seems to 
be abandoned now.

Yury Sidorov, jura at cp-lab.com

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