[Lazarus] Asterisk PBX FastAGI script Server Anyone?

Lee Jenkins lee at datatrakpos.com
Mon Mar 31 19:26:56 CEST 2008

Lee Jenkins wrote:
> A while back, I wrote a FastAGI Script Server (called AsterPas) for the open 
> source Asterisk PBX server.  For those of you not familiar with Asterisk, 
> FastAGI is the TCP/IP network implementation of the Asterisk Gateway Interface 
> (AGI) which allows you control call flow in the Asterisk PBX in realtime through 
> stdin/stndout.  The FastAGI implementation uses TCP sockets instead of stdin/stdout.
> Background:
> AsterPas is written in 100% Lazarus/Freepascal and provides many built in 
> objects for working with databases, Cepstral Text to Speech Engine, Call files 
> and more to offer a wide range of functionality for controlling call flow in 
> real time for the Asterisk PBX system.
> I have limited time and often get myself into projects (like this one) which 
> interest me, but then find myself unable to spend time in adding new features, 
> etc once the product is stable and working well.
> We use it internally for our Asterisk PBX system extensively.  Some of our 
> internal uses:
> - Real-Time Telemarketer BlackList -
> When a telemarketer calls, I say "Please hold" and then transfer the caller to 
> an extension that calls a script on my AsterPas server that uses Cepstral Text 
> to Speech to say "Please be advised that you have been added to our do not call 
> list.  Please add our number to your do not call list.  Each future attempt to 
> call us is being recorded and may be used to by Authorities to pursue legal action".
> If they call back again, Cepstral says "You were added to our do not call list. 
>   We will not accept calls from you and each attempt to call is being recorded 
> and may by used as evidence in legal proceedings."  Logs call in database and 
> hangs up.
> - Priority Caller Routing.
> Incoming caller id is looked up in a database.  If the caller is determined to 
> be a "VIP", then Cepstral's William speech personality says "Thank you for 
> calling.  Because your phone is recognized as a VIP with DataTrak Business 
> Solutions, we will by-pass the regular menu for you and route your call directly 
> to an account representative.  Please hold while I transfer your call...". 
> Script then places caller in a special priority queue.
> It really is a lot of fun to use and there doesn't seem to be a limit on the 
> kinds of things you can do with Asterisk and FastAGI.
> We are thinking of releasing it under some form of open source license.  I know 
> Ido works with Asterisk a lot, but if anyone is interested please let me know 
> too please.
> More information on the product can be found here:
> http://www.datatrakpos.com/pos/datatalk/asterpas.aspx
> If there's enough interest, I'll add public access to the svn and add a forum to 
> my message board for AsterPas discussion.

OK, we have released the sources for AsterPas here:


I have created an additional forum for AsterPas discussion:


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