[Lazarus] Getting started with WinCE/Windows Mobile

Andy Lawrie andy at covalent.co.uk
Sat Nov 1 16:16:58 CET 2008

Many thanks for that Vincent, also to Henry.

I downloaded it and started to install it, but it wasn't clear what I should
have installed, and in what order. I found it a bit confusing because the
new file said it was going to install Lazarus, so I thought I should stop
and uninstall the existing Lazarus installation first. Then, then when I
completed the install of the new file, Lazarus wasn't present, so I
uninstalled it again, reinstalled the original and then installed this one

After which I created a simple application, using LCL widget type" wince
(beta)", Target OS "WinCE" and target cpu family "arm". I'm pleased to say
this compiled OK.

I've now stalled on getting the emulator running - the links to MS in the
documentation don't work. It may be overkill, but as I have an MSDN sub I
installed VS2008 Pro, which includes the emulator. But I still haven't
worked out how to start the emulator running the new app, but outside of

Rgds, Andy

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Andy Lawrie schreef:
> I'm a long term Delphi user but completely new to Lazarus/fpc. I'm 
> looking at Lazarus as a means of programming a Windows Mobile Pocket 
> PC in a language I already know.
> I found some information on installing a WinCE development system, and 
> I understand I need the basic Windows Lazarus install plus an add-on 
> install for WinCE. It was stated I had to have exactly the same fpc 
> version for each of them.
> I have found and installed lazarus-0.9.26-fpc-2.2.2-win32.exe, but the 
> only file I can locate for what I think is the WinCE add-on is 
> lazarus-0.9.23-fpc-2.2.1-20070916-cross-arm-wince-win32.exe
> Can anybody advise me what I should install please?


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