[Lazarus] Getting started with WinCE/Windows Mobile

Andy Lawrie andy at covalent.co.uk
Sat Nov 1 22:15:33 CET 2008

Hi Felipe,

It was the links to MS that didn't work for me, so I couldn't download the
emulator. That was when I tried installing VS2008, which has a later version
of the emulator (v3), but having installed it I couldn't work out how to use
that version from outside VS2008.

But now the links from the web page work, I've downloaded and installed the
emulator, and it all works fine, thanks. It looks like I was unlucky first
time, maybe the MS site was unavailable for a few minutes just when I tried

Out of interest, athough I installed the v1 emulator AFTER installing
VS2008, when I click on the emulator image menu, the emulator that runs is
v3 that was installd by VS2008.

I'll go away and have a little play with it now, but first impressions are
that it is very good indeed.

Thanks for your assistance.

Rgds, Andy

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Just follow carefully the step-by-step the instructions in the wiki:


Since 0.9.26 we have a stable wince release with good quality, so I
recommend that you use the stable add on installer.

And here are the instructions to install the emulator:


What link didn't work from those instructions?

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