[Lazarus] IDE idea

Mac Programmer MacPgmr at fastermac.net
Sun Nov 2 18:38:56 CET 2008

Still mostly looking very good,the more I'm using it the more I like it.

I've come up with a range of issues, from "important" to "would be nice" to
"just a discussion point", e.g.

Static text AV's on form load if caption is 0 chars long.
Static text doesn't show border.
"Copy" doesn't work in property editor.
Windows don't always come to the front when clicked.
A half column wide space to the left of column 1 in editor would reduce the
number of times I accidentally set a breakpoint when using the mouse to
select from the start of a line.
Generates a hint "Local variable x does not seem to be initialised" when use
a local as a var parameter.

How far down the list should these go in the bug tracker?

Rgds, Andy

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