[Lazarus] Performance of GTK 2 and CE

Mark Morgan Lloyd markMLl.lazarus at telemetry.co.uk
Thu Nov 6 12:40:51 CET 2008

Graeme Geldenhuys wrote:
> On 11/6/08, AleŇ° Katona <almindor at gmail.com> wrote:>  I've recently moved to freeBSD 64bit and was forced to use the OSS radeon driver, and my gtkperf result went from ~55s to ~5s.>>  Try gtkperf on your machine and see what you get. If any test takes more than few seconds, there's something wrong, either your theme, or your driver.>
> Holly crap!!! I have heard about 'gtkperf', but have never run itbefore. I did so now on my PC. P4 2.2GHz with 1GB ram and integratedATI video card running Ubuntu 7.10 (32bit).
> I couldn't believe the difference it makes when you switch betweenthemes. The exact same PC, just different themes!!  Here are myresults:
> 28s - Custom (mixture of what I like)21s - Bluecurve26s - ClearLook24s - Human17s - Mist43s - Crux
> Wow, not all themes are created equal!  :-)

I'll investigate but I'd add that I'm running KDE rather than Gnome. I'd 
not expect theming to get in the way in this case but I suppose that 
there is a possibility that gtk2 is looking for some sort of setup info 
that's missing and failing with no grace whatsoever.

Thinking about it, I'm pretty sure I see the same problem with Slackware 
12.1 on x86 so it's not Debian-specific.

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