[Lazarus] Changing the tab position in Lazarus editor?

Graeme Geldenhuys graemeg.lists at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 09:25:09 CET 2008

Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:
> Marc Weustink wrote:
>> Are you running remote by using a VNC server on your sparc end that 
>> using a vncviewer to access it remotely, or are you running X remote 
>> (sparc connecting to a remote X server)
> My comment was largely to illustrate the fact that I'm heavily oriented 
> towards using a single keyboard and screen(s) rather than having to move 
> between desk and whichever workbench a computer is on- even assuming 
> it's got a keyboard etc. attached.


> The only instance I'm routinely using VNC is to a Win-32 box I use for 
> Delphi and as a client to the CIX conferencing system. I'm obviously 
> connected to my Sun desktop system (Debian "Etch") directly, apart from 
> that almost all other Debian and Slackware systems are accessed over X.
> The remaining exception to the above is a SPARC system that Vincent was 
> tinkering with- I think he's using X for that rather than VNC, but I'm 
> not sure what combination of libraries he's been using.

For low bandwith I would recommend to use a thightvnc server (in the 
early days I debugged lazarus this way in a sparc connecter through a 
isdn line)

>> The latter I can confirm as dog slow. Over a 1 Gb lan it takes minutes 
>> before the cursor moves one char in the editor. (Responses to 
>> mouseclicks on dialogs take the same time btw)
>> This resulted for me to continue laz development using a gtk1 IDE.
> That's much what I'm seeing, I similarly concluded that it would be 
> better for the moment to continue with the IDE built for gtk1 but I 
> assumed that there was debugging code in the system which at some point 
> would be removed. If my assumption was wrong then I am troubled.
> One thing does occur to me however. If I fire up a system based on 
> Debian "Lenny", which I believe (somebody please correct me) is based on 
> gtk 2, I observe that Gnome itself runs adequately over a networked X 
> connection.

Even for other gtk2 apps I see a slowdown (compared too running 
locally). But this all also depends heavely on your theme, your gpu and 
cpu power

> In other words, this problem is specific to Lazarus operating over a 
> networked X connection, not to gtk 2 itself.

I plan for .28 to find a way of reducing the amount of traffic between a 
LCL app and the X server.

>> When using a VNCserver, it should work more smooth, since all is handled 
>> "locally" and only display changes are copied ove the LAN.
> I'll investigate, but the number of systems set up here for VNC is 
> limited unless it's needed for something special. In general I simply 
> enable gdm with xdmcp and everything works fine.
> If I get as far as being able to duplicate this problem in a standalone 
> program what function should I use to get a millisecond (or better) time?



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