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Henrique Faria henrique_faria at msn.com
Fri Nov 7 00:51:14 CET 2008

Suddenly my email started to receive mails from mailing list.
> Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2008 11:06:17 +0100> From: vincent.snijders at gmail.com> To: lazarus at lazarus.freepascal.org> Subject: Re: [Lazarus] Mailing list> > 2008/11/5, Vincent Snijders <vincent.snijders at gmail.com>:> > 2008/11/4 Henrique Faria <henrique_faria at msn.com>:> >> > > Does anyone know if the mailing list have problem with hotmail/msn ?> > >> >> >> > I don't know about hotmail/msn. My ISP uses Symantec Brightmail and> > the mail server of the lazarus list is blacklisted because:> > * The host appears to be a zombie (compromised machine).> >> > See http://ipremoval.sms.symantec.com/lookup/> > Some magic has occurred. It is not blacklisted anymore and I am> getting mails since an hour or so.> > Vincent> _______________________________________________> Lazarus mailing list> Lazarus at lazarus.freepascal.org> http://www.lazarus.freepascal.org/mailman/listinfo/lazarus
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