[Lazarus] New Excel Interface Component

Thierry Coq tcoq at free.fr
Sun Nov 9 15:52:45 CET 2008

Yes, definitively,

I've checked, this code seems to be currently geared to use DISPID 
interfaces. This works in Delphi, but not in FPC for the time being.

For example, the following code:
   fDocument := fDesktop.loadComponentFromURL('file:///'+ 
StringReplace(FileName, '\', '/', [rfIgnoreCase, rfReplaceAll]) , 
'_blank', 0, wProperties);

declares fDocument as an OleVariant. The author hopefully expects FPC to 
understand how to go and fetch "loadComponentFromURL". It ain't gonna 
work ;-).

It should be done this way:
   var fDocument : IDispatch;
   fDocument.InvokeDispatch( DISPID_LOADCOMPONENTFROMURL, ...);

Thierry Coq

Luiz Americo Pereira Camara wrote:
> Henrique Faria escreveu:
>> Very good. What about something to OpenOffice?
> It seems fpc OLE support is not good enough to work with OO.
> Attached are a Lazarus project and a Delphi project that converts a OO 
> document to pdf. Both shares the same unit (OOPdf) and have the same 
> logic.
> Delphi version works OK. Lazarus one crashes.
> Using:
> Lazarus 0.9.27 + fpc 222
> TurboDelphi
> Luiz
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