[Lazarus] After using TSynCompletion, the SynEdit dont want to write the first Char, but after the first Char all works

Eugen Bolz info at eugen-bolz.de
Mon Nov 10 21:00:11 CET 2008

Brad Campbell wrote:
> Can you put together a simple program and upload it somewhere to demonstrate the fault?

I have tested it again, it only dont works when SPACE is pressed, other
CHARS are working.

Select one Item, after that press SPACE and the SPACE-Char dont get
added , only on second press it will be added.

Also i have an other Question
If i type 's' instead of 'S' the SynCompletionForm dont reacts, how can
deactivate the Case-Sensitive? or to do a workaround that this
SynCompletion works like in the IDE

I hope it is understandable :)

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