[Lazarus] Performance of GTK 2 and CE

AleŇ° Katona almindor at gmail.com
Tue Nov 11 11:57:02 CET 2008

You're probably using closed-source nvidia or ati drivers?

The ATI ones suck bigtime when it comes to 2d performance, for me it goes to 50s on the circles test (others go fine).

Or perhaps, if you're using intel drivers or OSS versions ("readon", not sure about nvidia ones) try adding "Option" "AccelMethod" "EXA" to your device section in xorg.conf (WARNING: requires late X/drm, OR update your libdrm and drm kernel module from sources).

Works like a charm and shows pretty much that:
1. The closed source drivers have some bug (the circles speed here isn't normal)
2. There's 2D accel available but mostly unused
3. Gtk2 heavily relies on acceleration and good drivers regardless of LCL

AleŇ° Katona <almindor at gmail.com>

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