[Lazarus] KOL socketclient object

John vd Waeter john at jvdw.nl
Wed Nov 12 09:51:51 CET 2008

AleŇ° Katona wrote:
> lNetComponents is the "visual" lNet package and it tries to make a LCLEventer which tries to integrate into LCL/widgetset main loop (see my callaction note from before).
> Obviously this will fail without LCL, although I'd expect a compile-time error, not a runtime error.
> If you get the time, can you give me a backtrace? lNetComponents uses the lclnet unit which depends on LCL units so it shouldn't have compiled.

Do not use the lNET visual components on a KOL project.
Instead create them at runtime, like myTCP := tlTCP.Create(nil)
See the "console" examples on how to use them.
The code inside the components does not get triggered by LCL-events.
So you have to trigger the code yourself by frequently calling the 
CallAction method.


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