[Lazarus] Carbon Bug #12256 - Button appearance on Leopard

Brad Campbell brad at wasp.net.au
Wed Nov 19 11:56:34 CET 2008

Mark Morgan Lloyd rašė:
 > Luca Olivetti wrote:
 > This is now working fairly well and I'm starting to add extras- variable
 > rate polling, counter rate extraction and so on.
 > I'm left with one niggle though which has a fairly significant cosmetic
 > effect. I've replaced the scrollbars in the original app with vertical
 > TrackBars and ProgressBars for analogue output and input respectively.
 > The ProgressBars work nicely with zero at the bottom, but the TrackBars
 > appears to have zero immutably at the top.

  If I set debounce time to 0ms for I2 (with my app developed in 
Lazarus) then counter starts counting "air" (board is free from external 
connections)- it not stops even I shortening I2 input with Inp1 button.
  Can You test this with Your board?

   Valdas Jankūnas

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