[Lazarus] LoadLibrary fails on WinCE

Pavel Řezníček cigydd at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 21:58:51 CET 2008

Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho napsal(a):
> 1 - make sure you are using loadlibrary from the windows unit and then
> call GetLastError to see why it failed.
> Windows CE has some differences from desktop. I would try putting the
> library in the windows or windows/system directory or passing the full
> path to the library.
Thanks, Felipe, for your advise.

Passing the full path to the library is what I already tried. I much 
appreciate the tip to call the GetLastError function.
Please stay tuned, I'll post what this function says and will also try 
to place the library (well, with its accompanying libraries) in the 
system directories. As soon as possible ;-)


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