[Lazarus] LHelp missing unit + codetools bug

Stephano patspiper at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 24 11:38:05 CET 2008

ArĂ­ Ricardo Ody schrieb:

> I'm receivng the error:
> /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lglib
> during linkage editing.
> P.S.: Suppose I'm not an expert in linux, please. 

Me too :-(

But I solved the same problem just lately, here are some hints:

The message indicates that the linker (ld) couldn't find an glib.la file 
in any library directory. The library path is system dependent, I found 
the files in /usr/lib64/.

A shared library seems to come in 2 parts, where the glib package only 
installs libglib*.so runtime modules, and another glib-devel package 
installs the glib.la file, which is essential for ld. The .la files 
contain pure text, have a look at one if you're curious.

Make sure that you install the basic glib (here: libglib-1.2.*)! The 
-2.0 version doesn't help, it installs e.g. an glib-2.0.la file that is 
not acceptable to the linker, when looking for -lglib.

You may have to install gtk as well, AFAIR also the basic version, 
including libgdk_pixbuf and further libraries or symbols. Again look for 
the according lib*.so and *.la files in your library directory.

The FAQ sould be more verbose about such errors, so that a dumb user can 
determine the required packages and how to install them. The current 
version is understandable only to skilled admins, and doesn't take into 
account newer versions of the same libraries :-(


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