[Lazarus] How to unset bookmarks in the editor?

Martin Friebe lazarus at mfriebe.de
Tue Nov 25 19:05:42 CET 2008

Joost van der Sluis wrote:
> Op dinsdag 25-11-2008 om 15:25 uur [tijdzone +0000], schreef Martin
> Friebe:
>> You can put a feature request in the bugtracker ( I will pick it up)
>> However it will be a while before I get to work on it...
>> This is unless someone actually brings a reason, why this would be a bad 
>> feature....
> I use those bookmarks a lot, and it's one of the most lacking features
> of Delphi imho that it doesn't store it's bookmarks in the session-info,
> and that they are bound to the current document...
> Toggling the bookmarks will result in removing a bookmark now and then
> while I don't want to. For example: I want to jump to bookmark 1, I
> forgot that I was already there, and press ctrl-1 again. Then I see that
> this is the wrong bookmark and I go to bookmark 2. Now I press ctrl-1
> again to go back and find out that my bookmark is gone...
> ie: It's not a bug, it's a feature. As discussed before. And it's not
> worth the trouble adding a switch for it. As Graeme doesn't use the
> bookmarks, he won't mind if they stay there all the time.
> I do use the bookmarks, and this idea oculd lead to very frustrating
> situations.
Just trying to understand, but the description above doesn't match what 
I had in mind, or what I thought  Graeme wanted?

- jumping around using ctrl-1, ctrl-2,... as much forward and backward 
as you want, will not delete any bookmark ever
- pressing ctr1 and ctrl-1 again (as in jumping too) while already being 
at the line, will never remove a bookmark neither.

But: pressing shift-ctrl-1  (set the bookmar to the current line) will 
remove it, *if* it is already set.

if you accidentally press shift-ctrl-x combinations you will also loose 
bookmarks, by:
- setting them to a new location
- setting bookmark 2, where you previously had BM 1, consequently 
removing BM-1 (yes you still have a BM, but a diff one)

Now yes, toggling adds a (IMHO) tiny amount ot the (IMHO) quite small 
change of accidentally deleting a BM.

As I said , I didn't follow your description above, but if you re-think 
it, or meant the shift-ctrl as in my description, then let me know.

There still is BM access via the menus where a feature could be added.  
Or instead of toggling a dedicated "delete BM from current line" key 
could be added?

Best Regards

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