[Lazarus] Bug 0011564 and next release 0.9.26 ?

Martin Friebe lazarus at mfriebe.de
Mon Sep 1 15:35:16 CEST 2008


Just to draw some attention to it, as I don't know if it was noticed.
I wouldn't normally do this (drawing attention), but in this case I make 
the exception, because it is a crashing bug, and I therefore believe  it 
should be fixed in 0.9.26.

I know it is "only" a crash while closing Lazarus. It is still annoying, 
if you have console output and for example mem-leak checking. This leads 
to large time-consuming log dumps to the console, and costs time on 
lazarus restarts.

I have attached (to the bug) a patch that fixes the issue. If you choose 
to apply it, you may (if you want) leave the bug open, or create a child.
This is the patch deals with the current situation. But in future 
existing providers may be re-used (as they can be passed in as argument) 
and the danger of the bug re-occurring may exist.
A full solution would require both objects to notify each other of their 
destruction, so all references can be cleared in time . This requires an 
extension of the interface. And this is not likely to happen for 0.9.26

The current fix is still correct, and should be applied, even with the 
"full solution". The current code also "leaks" provider objects (they 
only are destroyed on closing Lazarus). By changing the owner of them 
they are now destroyed together with the Html object.


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