[Lazarus] WinCE application doesn't merge on taskbar?

Михайло Падалка misha-cn-ua at ya.ru
Tue Sep 9 18:25:46 CEST 2008

Tue, 09 Sep 2008 01:23:00 +0100
Michael Green <myatus at googlemail.com> писали:

> Hiya All!
> I have a quick test application (simply a new project in lazarus, 
> nothing added or changed) and compiled for WinCE / ARM. Now, I would 
> have thought the application would merge in the taskbar so you can 
> switch back and forth between running apps, but it doesn't. Once 
> switched, I need to use the taskmanager to switch back and/or close the 
> test application. Any ideas? Can I force it in there?
> This is on Windows Mobile Professional 6.1 US. Using Lazarus 0.9.25 beta 
> SVN 16471 and FPC 2.3.1 SVN 11716.
> -- Mike
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Maybe I don't understand something, but there is no taskbar in default WinMobile.
So, as I see, all working ok :)
There is some third-party software, that adds this functionality - for example, WkTask.

Михайло Падалка <misha-cn-ua at ya.ru>
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