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Andrea Mauri andrea.mauri.75 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 12:24:36 CEST 2008

Hello, Developers!

Has anyone of you, tried to use PathEditor under Carbon Lazarus IDE?
(Project->Compiler Options->Paths and then open path list dialog by pressing
'...' button)

You'll probably see normal text, but if you try to edit it, everything will
be messed up, and pretty unusable. This is actually a 'normal' behavior for
SynEdit, because selected font by default ('courier'?) does not seem to be

I've fixed this problem (for the PathEditor only) by setting 'Monaco' font
if currently selected LCL is Carbon

{$ifdef LCLCarbon}PathEdit.Font.Name:='Monaco';{$endif}

Monaco is "system default" mono-width font for MacOS X. But i really don't
like this hack.

The thing I suggest is to add to lazarus IDE font selection, so font of the
dialogs and text-edit fields can be selected. I guess it would take a lot of
job to do. Because every time font is changed, controls have to be notified
about that... or some code should walkthrough all opened control and see if
font must be changed.

Or is it possible to supply a kind of GUIHint unit, that would containt
information on what font's (colors, images, control sizes etc..) should be
used with current widgetset. So setting a font to a SynEdit would look like

uses .. LCLGUIHint, ...


  SynEdit.Font.Assign ( LCLGUIHint.SysMonoWidthFont );


So no matter, what widgetset I'm using to compile, the application would
look native to the user from the start.

For my projects I'm using GUIHint. I don't know if this solution suitable
for LCL/Lazarus, I just don't want to add {$ifdef } for every dialog in IDE.

Any suggestions?
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