[Lazarus] Display issues under Vista when using classic look (or with themes disabled)

Kostas Michalopoulos badsector at slashstone.com
Tue Sep 16 06:05:48 CEST 2008

In view of using Lazarus in an introductory programming course,
I have a couple of questions:

(1) Can you install help files locally, so that help is available
    without internet access?  If so, how?  I couldn't find it
    quickly in the wiki.

(2) What would it take to extend the IDE help to provide help on
    (Free)Pascal things?  I did read a page about using
    the Kylix help files with Lazarus, but apparently this is not
    something that can be integrated more conveniently.
    Would it be reasonable to hire a student to do this?

(3) The debug window to evaluate/modify expressions/variables seems
    to have some limitations.  I would like to have some confirmation
    that this is "on purpose" and not a bug for 0.9.24:

    (3a) The expression syntax is rather restrictive, e.g. 1+2 evaluates
         fine, but 1 + 2 (i.e. with spaces) does not.  Some operators
         (notably div and mod) are not known.  Can and will this be

    (3b) The modify facility does not work at all.  Is it planned
         to be make this work?

Thanks for your feedback,

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