[Lazarus] Compiling on a 64 bits machine for 386 platform on linux

German Gentile german.gentile at petrobox.net
Tue Sep 16 17:59:01 CEST 2008

Hi list,

I found a bug in Lazarus that happens under Vista when the advanced 
visual themes are disabled and the mode is in "classic" theme (the one 
that looks like win9x/2k). The bug makes the text in buttons (TBitBtn 
probably since it does it only in the buttons with some icon) disappear 
and the grid in forms is drawn wrongly (with gaps between bunches of 
dots and drawing is *REALLY* slow, i assume the coords are wrong). Those 
are what i found at least, since Lazarus is pretty much unusable at this 

Initially it thought it was a but in 0.9.25 but today i had to make 
something quick in Lazarus and since i thought that 0.9.25 is broken i 
reinstalled 0.9.24. However the bug happened there too, so i realized 
that its not the SVN version that is broken but something else :-). 
After thinking what i changed since i was using 0.9.24 last time, i 
remembered that i disabled themes and i even disabled the themes 
service. Initially i thought that this was the case and i reenabled the 
service but chose the classic look again. However this didn't fixed the 
problem and it only went away when i enabled the full compositing Aero 

I looked around a bit and it seems the problem exists only when theming 
is disabled and the classic look is used. The problem does not happen 
when Aero or XP-like theming is enabled (i can disable the compositing 
desktop but still use the "Aero-like" theme and the problem does not 

This happens with Lazarus and all programs which are made using Lazarus 
and run under Vista.

Kostas "Bad Sector" Michalopoulos

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