[Lazarus] Showmodal trouble

John vd Waeter john at jvdw.nl
Thu Sep 18 14:10:50 CEST 2008

> any ideas for a fast workaround? The problem with the modal form getting lost 
> behind other forms occurs most times only on the first ShowModal every 
> program run. 
I suppose the dialogs are not created on-the-fly...
Hmmm... the most ugly workaround I can think of:

1. Put a timer on any form that is to be shown Modal
2. Start the timer in the onshow-event IF a flag is set.
    When the timer fires, close the form.
3. Call all your dialogs when the main-program starts:
    with thedialog do

Should work if things happen only at the first Showmodal.
Now every form has had its first showmodal.

Speaking of workarounds.... ;-)


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