[Lazarus] How to compile lazarus from its SVN source in WinXP?

Popeye Spinach popeye.lists at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 8 05:31:06 CEST 2009

Henry Vermaak wrote on April 8, 2009 5:52:24 AM:

2009/4/7 Popeye Spinach
> Where can I find explanation about the difference among: "make clean", "make
> all", "make bigide", and other possible options?

you can't really.  different software uses similar targets and they're
all quite self-explanatory.

"make all" makes everything.  "make clean" cleans object files.  use
your intuition and if you really want to know <health hazard> read the
makefile </health hazard>.  or just ask...


Thanks, I find the list of targets in Makefile.fpc but without detailed explanation.

Comparing 'bigide' with 'all' target, I notice the 'all' target has 'lazbuilder' which was not defined in 'bigide' target.

    bigide: lcl packager/registration ideintf packager bigidecomponents idebig starter
    all: lcl packager/registration ideintf packager components ide starter lazbuilder

What is the meaning of 'lazbuilder'?


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