[Lazarus] Large program size - 1.8 MB for empty GUI project

Bogusław Brandys brandys at o2.pl
Wed Apr 8 15:09:08 CEST 2009

Paul Ishenin wrote:
> Bogusław Brandys wrote:
>> That's great! Maybe it could be changed so if debug info filename is not 
>> found in debug section of executable then it tries to open a separate 
>> debug file generated by fpc (which can be of the same name as executable 
>> but different extension)
> What for? If you want a separate debug info file (-Xg) then your 
> executable will contain a section with that file name. As result you 
> have a small executable. If you distribute that executable without debug 
> file it will work fine but without line info. If you distribute with 
> debug file then you will have lineinfo. What do you need more?
> Best regards,
> Paul Ishenin.
> _______________________________________________

Wow,this is exactly what I want.Thank you.Is that really working ? I 
remember having problems with it - no source line info in stack trace 
output in case of external debug file.

Does stabs need to be loaded at program startup ? I would like it to 
work without need to loading debug info from this separate file at 
program start because this is a huge slowdown especially when antivirus 
is scanning file.Ideally it should load stabs only in case of exception 
or stack trace request.


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