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Thu Apr 16 04:24:22 CEST 2009

--- El mar 14-abr-09, Vincent Snijders <vsnijders at vodafonevast.nl> escribió:

> De:: Vincent Snijders <vsnijders at vodafonevast.nl>
> Asunto: Re: [Lazarus] Modified .po files after each build
> A: "General mailing list" <lazarus at lazarus.freepascal.org>
> Fecha: martes, 14 abril, 2009, 2:44 pm
> Graeme Geldenhuys schreef:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > Recently it started to happen that every time I build
> Lazarus IDE
> > after a clean checkout, after the build I have many
> modified .po
> > files.
> > 
> Already reported:
> http://bugs.freepascal.org/view.php?id=13128
> Possible cause:
> Localize.sh and the IDE generate different po-files.
> Vincent

Actually the IDE and localize scripts should produce identical po files, if it doesn't then that is indeed a bug, but I have not seen reports about this yet. 

The problem here seems to be another one, I will quoute from previous msg (unfortunately the diff for the base .po file was not dumped but it doesn't matter too much):

------- components/projecttemplates/languages/frmtemplatevariables.es.po -------
index b6d736d..61f7e42 100644
@@ -13,6 +13,10 @@ msgstr ""
msgid "Description"
msgstr "Descripcion"

+#: frmtemplatevariables.snoadditionalvars
+msgid "This project has no additional variables."
+msgstr ""
#: frmtemplatevariables.svalue
msgid "Value"
msgstr "Valor"

This means that resourcestring snoadditionalvars in frmtemplatevariables.pas was found new and so the base .po file was out-of-date, when the base .po file change the translated .xx.po files are automatically updated too. It would be a bug if the po files were not generated, because it would mean that the automatic tool missed a file that it must have processed.

Althought components/projecttemplates is processed in localize scripts updating is limited to these situation where an .rst file is found, that is because the tool is based on rst files which are generated on compilation. This also means that no devel (who do .po commits) has compiled projecttemplates package, but this also doesn't mean that he have done wrong, because is perfectly fine that he is not interested in such package :).

what to do?, simply do a diff with changed po files, somebody should apply the patch and everybody happy again.

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