[Lazarus] Help not working at all in Lazarus - No help found for Unit1.pas at (x, y)

CubicDesign cubicdesign at gmail.com
Mon Aug 24 19:31:56 CEST 2009

Graeme Geldenhuys schrieb:

>> Do you want to take this information and put it put it in fpdoc
>> format? You may consider the wiki a scrap book full of notes to be
> That's what I would like to do. So it will be ok if I cut & paste from
> wiki into fpdoc? That means reducing the content in the wiki page and
> rather place the content it in the fpdoc xml files.
> If you suggest copy & paste (instead of cut & paste), then I don't see
> the point. Because then somebody else might continue adding to the wiki
> instead of the fpdoc xml - resulting in out-of-sync docs again. And the
> whole exercise would have been pointless.

Managing links to registered and classified/indexed document sources 
would be sufficient, for now - IMO. Then we can look into a notification 
system, integrated somehow into/around updating document sources 
(wiki...), and tools to automate updating of the converted sources. 
Converting single articles manually IMO is a waste of time.

For an internal format I favor something like AsciiDoc, over XML. Unless 
a strict XML scheme[*] is used for structuring and indexing the entries, 
and a nice user interface for updating existing and indexing new entries 

[*]Limiting entries to a common XML structure makes XML itself obsolete, 


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