[Lazarus] Linux Journal #185 (Sep 2009)

Doug Chamberlin dougchamberlin at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 11 09:11:16 CEST 2009

ok, I have gone back to 0924 => the problem did already exist.

1) It is perfectly fine, even desirable that using ctrl-j you may have a 
partial typed template-identifier (as long as it uniquely identifies the 

example: trycf
you can type: tryc ctrl-j

as trycf is the only template starting with tryc this is fine and works

1a) ctrl-j in the middle of  a tmpl identifier
 example, type:
  trycf cursor-left ctrl-j
 tryc|f   ctrl-j

Works too => but currently leads to an extra "f" at the end of the 
inserted template

This can be fixed, it is no harm => Personally I don't see the 

2) completing a keyword with space, return or other word-end-char
This can only work, if the full template identifier has been entered, 
typing space. In the return example below, typing "ret" + space, would 
correctly do nothing

But this currently also works, if you press space anywhere within the 
word => imho this is wrong => space/return, should only work, if you are 
at the end of the template identifier

Graeme Geldenhuys wrote:
> Martin Friebe wrote:
>> Actually, just thinking. IMHO a template should be triggered, if you 
>> are at the end of the token?, so pressing space, *before* the 
>> "return" should probably not trigger at all.
> That is the exact same behaviour that I expected.  Plus the 
> duplication of the text is a odd behaviour too.
>> tryc|f  ctrl-j
>> executes the trycf template (as tryc was enough to identify it 
>> "tryc|  ctrl-j"
> Not that the code template I use is NOT meant to be trigger with 
> ctrl-j, it is one of those automatic triggers, when a new word is 
> started (pressing the Spacebar or Enter at the end of the token.

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