[Lazarus] Debugging and exception messages

Joost van der Sluis joost at cnoc.nl
Thu Jul 16 22:10:16 CEST 2009


How can I set new project defaults. When I create a new "Free Pascal 
Project", it always generates the *.rc file, 8.manifest and includes a 
resource for the icon etc... I don't want any of that even though my 
linux project compiles without problems, all those settings are 
irrelevant to Linux. I have to constantly go into the Project Options 
and tick those options and then afterwards manually delete the leftover 
*.rc, *.manifest and *.res files.

I believe Delphi and Kylix had a "Use as default" checkbox in the bottom 
left corner of the Project Options dialog, which when ticked means the 
current settings will be used for the next new project - as default 

Does Lazarus IDE have something like this? I looked around in the 
various menus but couldn't see something obvious.

   - Graeme -

fpGUI Toolkit - a cross-platform GUI toolkit using Free Pascal

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