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If you want to control everything that's created for a new project, you
will probably want to create a package that adds your own custom
application type to File | New. For an example of a package that does
that and illustrates how to change just about everything that's set in a
new project, see the 3 extp_proj files included in extp_tk_20090525.zip
that's downloadable from here (under Files):


When you create a new project based on the ExtPascal Application, it has
completely different default source code in the program and unit files,
as well as turning off all the useless Windows related GUI stuff that
you list (useless for a CGI app, that is).

This is based primarily on a great deal of trial and error working with
the ProjectIntf and other units. I found them to be very solid and
eventually could do everything I needed to do, they're just not



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How can I set new project defaults. When I create a new "Free Pascal 
Project", it always generates the *.rc file, 8.manifest and includes a 
resource for the icon etc... I don't want any of that even though my 
linux project compiles without problems, all those settings are 
irrelevant to Linux. I have to constantly go into the Project Options 
and tick those options and then afterwards manually delete the leftover 
*.rc, *.manifest and *.res files.

I believe Delphi and Kylix had a "Use as default" checkbox in the bottom

left corner of the Project Options dialog, which when ticked means the 
current settings will be used for the next new project - as default 

Does Lazarus IDE have something like this? I looked around in the 
various menus but couldn't see something obvious.

   - Graeme -

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