[Lazarus] gettext now used by LCLproc?

Zaher Dirkey parmaja at gmail.com
Sun Jul 19 17:16:46 CEST 2009

Graeme Geldenhuys wrote:
> For the first time in ages I decided to enabled Compiz (Ubuntu 
> + Gnome Desktop). I only have the Normal Effects enabled - that is 
> already more effects than I can handle. ;-)
> Anyway, I noticed that if you type 'try' & Ctrl+J in enable the Code 
> Templates popup menu, that the wrong Compiz animation is used. It uses 
> the standard Window animation and not the Popup Menu or Popup Window 
> animation.
> to be set somewhere in the GTK2 widgetset layer for that window.
> Another issue is when you type a partial name of a unit and press 
> Ctrl+Space  or  Ctrl+W   to do name or word completion. The same issue 
> appears with that popup menu.
> This is not a issue with all popup menus though. Right clicking on the 
> editor to bring up its popup menu, the animation effect is correct. 
> Same thing when you right click in any edit component.
> So it seems just the Code Templates popup menu is wrong.
LCL does not have popup forms. And Code Templates window is not a popup 

I suspect everything else wors ideally in lazarus for you if you want we 
fix that serious problems :)

Best regards,
Paul Ishenin.

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