[Lazarus] Buttoncaptions gone in dialogs?

John vd Waeter john at jvdw.nl
Wed Jul 22 15:43:22 CEST 2009


I'm reading up on some of the backend databases that FPC & Lazarus 
supports via SqlDB.

* Is SQLite a local database only? Something like MS Access (Jet 
database)? Can you use it for client/server applications (web and GUI 
apps) via TCP/IP networking?

* Anybody got some good or bad points regarding PostgreSQL? Last night I 
read about PostgreSQL for the first time. The feature list is very 
impressive and it seem to be right up there with MS SQL Server and 
friends. Anybody know how resilient it is to database corruptions 
(possibly due to power failures) etc... I know Firebird handles such 
cases pretty well.

   - Graeme -

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