[Lazarus] [fpc-pascal] Persistent blocks in Lazarus

Martin Friebe lazarus at mfriebe.de
Mon Jul 27 14:36:09 CEST 2009

J├╝rgen Hestermann wrote:
> > Martin Friebe schrieb:
>> I added this (enable via editor options).
>> Test on latest SVN / snapshot.
> That's absolutely fantastic!
> And even much better than in Delphi (at least in Version 7, where 
> persistent blocks are used as search default - when existing - which 
> is realy annoying).
Are you sore? I think Lazarus does too. But persistent or not, Lazarus 
only uses "one line" blocks as default. So any multi-line block is 
always ignored

> I wasn't expecting someone to add this (and so fast).
> Thanks a lot.
> But now that we have it, may I ask for yet another change? ;-)
> Is it possible that Ctrl+Q,B and Ctrl+Q,K jump to the beginning and 
> end of the persistent block (even if hidden)? Mnemonics are: B and K 
> are first and last character of "BlocK" in the same way as for 
> Ctrl+K,B and Ctrl+K,K.
I made it work for hidden blocks.

> I just saw in the key map that these commands should already exist. 
> But they do not work. The commands jump somewhere (but not to the 
> beginning/end of the block) and afterwards the block does no longer 
> exist (not even Ctrl+K,H brings it back). 
Here they do. If they still jump to random locations, please give exact 
directions how to reproduce. Also make sure (if you use SVN) that you 
did a "clean" build.

The other thing you may find about the 2 block points is that  some 
IDE/Editor actions may change them (even is the block is shown => it 
would hide it). The reason is that a lot of IDE stuff (like codetools) 
used the selection to modify the text (this would work, that a new 
selection would be set, replaced, and cleared). All this had to be 
changed. I did so, for the stuff I found. If I missed anything, I only 
need to know what.

BTW column mode: should work the same as in non-persistent:
- you can use the alt key (alt left mouse; or alt shift cursor keys)
- there are three commands in the keyboard section, to change the 3 
block modes (normal, column, line). You can assign whatever you want 
there, and then use the normal commands to set thee block

Another thing:
Syncro edit mode: It will stop offering (hide the icon) syncro edit, on 
a persistent block, as soon as you edit any text (inside or outside the 
block). In order to get it back start a new block, or hide/unhide the 
current. (extending the current block will NOT work)
In delphi the icon stays, but is no longer updated (that is if you edit 
the inside of the block, and remove the last word with multiply 
occurrences the icon still shows / if you add the first such word, the 
icon would still not show, if it hadn't been there).


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