[Lazarus] ref,user and prog in chm format

Graeme Geldenhuys graemeg at opensoft.homeip.net
Thu Jul 30 10:06:57 CEST 2009

Hi Silvio,

I hope you don't mind a short language lesson.   (As a mono-lingual 
person I admire your courage posting here)

You should have written:

>Few days I published this topic, how ignorant I was :(

A few days ago....

>  .
>I did not know about GTK, QT... With that, I was limited to what was 
>native. Today, after I learned about widget, I can choose what I feel nice.

Fairly good.    'nice' is not quite right here.  OK for food & 
people, artistic things but not for widgets perhaps,    'I can choose 
what I like' is better.   'I can choose what I feel IS nice' is 
grammatically correct but is not how a native English speaker would 
normally put it.

>Thanks for the understanding, and excuse me for the inconvenience 
>caused by the topic, my now vision about Lazarus that he is the best 
>opensource solution for development desktop (I still see the Lazarus 
>building to internet ;) ).

'my vision is now that Lazarus is the best.....'

And  I can't quite see what you mean here >>  'I still see the 
Lazarus building to internet '

>Forgives some typos, I'm adapting to the language of you.

Forgive some typos, I'm adapting to your language.


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