[Lazarus] Lazarus 0.9.26,,, 0.9.27 ou 0.9.28? (Silvio Cl écio)

Bee bee.ography at gmail.com
Fri Jul 31 10:54:45 CEST 2009

> It's more likely that I will build it from scratch, because the pasjs
> subproject is not based on the FPC scanner/tokenizer in fcl-passrc.

No problem.

> In general, I don't use the powtils project because it's mostly procedural.

I used to be Powtils users too. There are many projects I've made
using Powtils. But since I found ExtPascal, I slowly but sure move to
ExtPascal. The main problem with Powtils is we need to also learn
HTML, CSS, and JS, which sometimes become barrier to me. I don't mean
that we don't need to know about them, but I consider them just like
assembler on pascal. We need to know about it only for advanced
optimization, but we don't need it for common operation.

> Hm. Why not ask questions on the mailing lists ?

I did. But since the main author of ExtPascal prefers to work on
Delphi and Windows environment and nobody in the team now has
expertise on multithreading in Unix platform, the progress is pretty

> Well, we are on the brink of starting web development in my company, and
> till now, it looked like Morfik was going to be it. Now that I've seen
> extpascal, I may shift to that - still need to study it more in-depth.

I have made one web application using ExtPascal that is already on
production since last year. It works and performs quite well.

> If that is the case, you may expect contributions.

I hope you'll choose ExtPascal so we could have your contributions. :)


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