[Lazarus] WSRegister error on console application

Andrea Mauri andrea.mauri.75 at gmail.com
Mon May 4 11:22:45 CEST 2009

I tried it (replaced LCLType and LCLintf with Windows), now I got an 
error on these lines:
    NCB.ncb_command := Char(NCBENUM);
    NCB.ncb_command := Char(NCBRESET);
    NCB.ncb_command := Char(NCBASTAT);
    NCB.ncb_buffer := PChar(@Adapter);
The error is:
Error: Incompatible types: got "Char" expected "Byte"


Paul Ishenin ha scritto:
> Andrea Mauri wrote:
>> If I add Interfaces to the main unit the project compiles fine. But is 
>> it ok to add interfaces to a console application?
>>   , snmp, nb30, dynlibs, LCLtype, LCLintf, LCLProc
> It will be enough for you to replace LCLType, LCLIntf by Windows unit. 
> Then you can remove Interfaces dependency (maybe LCLProc depends on 
> Interfaces too).
> Best regards,
> Paul Ishenin.
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