[Lazarus] IDE UI consolidation (was: Re: lfm as pascal)

Graeme Geldenhuys graemeg.lists at gmail.com
Wed May 6 14:46:23 CEST 2009

2009/5/6 Mattias Gärtner wrote:
>> Do you mean the shortcut doesn't work or the actual "procedure List"
>> dialog doesn't work on all widgetsets?
> Alt-G does not work. With other short cuts it works.

Does it conflict with OS or Desktop Manager?  For example:
Ctrl+Alt+[F1-F12] under Ubuntu is grabbed by X11 and switches virtual
consoles. Maybe a different default shortcut could be chosen. I have
my shortcuts as follows:

  * Alt+G  -> Goto line number...
  * Ctrl+G  ->  Procedure List
  * Ctrl+Shift+G ->  Generate GUID in editor

Alt key behaviour is weird under GTK2 with Programmer Dvorak layout.
Though I am not use if it affects Qwerty layout as well. For example I
click "grab" and type Ctrl+Alt+C and only Ctrl+C is grabbed. Yet if I
press Ctrl+Alt+G it works??  Weird. :-(

BTW:  How do I clear a keyboard shortcut? Can't a simple "clear"
button be added?

>>   * Procedure list can filter by Class, non-class or All methods. I
>> don't think Code Explorer can.
> Very easy to implement. Make a proposal for the gui.

Will do.

>>   * Procedure List can filter by "method starting with text" or
>> "method containing text".
>>     Not sure what Code Explorer does.
> containing

OK. Also filtering the treeview as you type might be better that
multi-selecting all matches.  What's the point of having multiple
methods selected? The edit box is called "filter" not "auto select".
Just a though. ;-)

>>   * Procedure List, when launched puts focus where it must be - in the
>> filter edit box.
>>     Code Explorer - I have no idea where the focus is, I think the
>> treeview (filter box might be a better idea).
> Patch is welcome.

No problem, but it doesn't make sense until the treeview is actually
filtered, as my previous point explains. At the moment I can type a
partial method and see methods being selected (unless they are select
off screen which also happens), but I can't press enter and jump to
that method. I need to tab and scroll down (which defeat the "fiter"
edit box) or move my hand off the keyboard and to the mouse, so I can
double click the highlighted item.  The "filter" edit box in Code
Explore just doesn't make sense - as it is now.

> Maybe some predefined sets can be added until someone finishes the
> restore of one of the docking managers.

That should make a few developers happy. :)

  - Graeme -

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