[Lazarus] OPRM - Leonardo Ramé

"Leonardo M. Ramé" l.rame at griensu.com
Thu May 7 19:35:05 CEST 2009

Yes, I'm that one. And yes, it is working on production systems,  a 
couple of them mission critical applications.

I must add, the project page on SourceForge looks dead, but it's SVN 
access is alive. Also it's FreePascal support doesn't work right out of 
the box (I'm fixing it in my spare time), mainly because it's working on 
Delphi applications and we left the FPC support for later times.

Juan Boldrito (boldrito <at> pegasussoftware.com.ar) and Me are working 
on a new site to host the project, www.pascalobjects.com, but again, we 
have many things to do in our jobs, and have very little time to 
dedicate to the project. So, if you or anyone interested have the time 
to contribute, you are welcome. It's a great framework, fast, small and 
have many interesting features.


Leonardo M. Ramé

Osvaldo Filho escribió:
> Hi, are you the maintaner of OPRM ?
> Use it on production projects?
> Thanks.
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