[Lazarus] TAChart new components -- where to put?

Alexander Klenin klenin at gmail.com
Fri May 22 04:15:45 CEST 2009

Just as a confirmation that I have them, and will look through them asap.

I was until yesterday for yet unknown reasons unable to get the list mails


Paul Ishenin wrote:
> G'day all,
> Just for information I've attached some patches I apply to my local 
> tree and use in an application
> I'm working on.
> These are not any form of an example of how to write good code, they 
> are gross hacks that have
> "evolved" as lazarus has evolved over the last 9 months or so and I 
> adapt them as required as the
> code changes under me. If anyone finds any of the bits useful, I'm 
> more than happy to clean them up
> and work with the relative authors to make them acceptable to the 
> general code base. Conversely,
> I've maintained them in my own tree for 9 months and I'm happy to keep 
> doing so.
> I'm also very open to suggestions as to how I might achieve my desired 
> results without having to
> hack the codebase.
> laz-find.patch :
> This adds an extra checkbox and set member to the find/replace dialogs 
> to allow selection of "entire
> scope" as a search parameter.
> laz-synpatch-005.patch
> This is a gross hack, but it allows clicking *anywhere* on the grey 
> fold line in the gutter to fold
> that particular level of routine. I have some procedures that are very 
> long and it's nice to be able
> to click on that line from the bottom of the procedure and have it 
> fold up on me.
> laz-synpatch-007.patch
> This is another gross hack, but in a highlighter I've written I use 
> this to enable me to ensure the
> remainder of a line is painted in the right background colour. Synedit 
> calls this "GetLineRemainder"
> routine (if assigned in the highlighter) to get the colour the 
> remainder of the line is to be
> painted after it has finished painting all its tokens. Without this I 
> was getting odd line
> remainders when I scrolled often. With this I get perfection every time.
> laz-synpatch-008.patch
> And the final gross hack. I store the folded status of each open file 
> in my overall project file.
> The easy way for me to do this is in a sequential comma delimited list 
> of line numbers that are
> folded. This routine "DumpFolds" gives me a string which is a comma 
> delimited list of all the lines
> that are folded. Then when I reload the project I can simply fold 
> those lines in reverse order to
> get precisely the folds I had previously.
> On another note, recent work by Martin Friebe and Paul Ishenin has 
> rendered three other gross hacks
> I've had in my tree irrelevant :)
> Regards,
> Brad

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