[Lazarus] Speed of build process

Roland Turcan konf at rotursoft.sk
Tue May 26 10:28:25 CEST 2009

First, I know i touch a sensitive code but we can discuss about it.

1 - Added TVisualCompont it is between TLCLComponent and and TControl,
it has a properties and methods that have visual effect but still it
unvisible at form. i will use it for BidiMode and ParentBidimode
TMenu, TPopupMenu, TScreen, TTrayIcon and TPopupNotifier and any
component need bidimode , TTheme and TToolbar...

Now it can detect if the Component was inherited from TVisualComponent
to make loop when BidiMode changed in the form/control.

Remove duplicating of implement the same code in both TControl and
TMenu and every TComponent need the BidiMode.

I kept UseRightToLeftScrollBar in TControl

TApplicationProperties must *not* inherit it from TVisualComponent it
is like TApplication have no ParentBidiMode

Fix: TLabel alignment when BidiMode = bdRightToLeft (compatible with Delphi)

2 - Add: in FlipChildren now flip the Anchors also.

3- Added: AutoFlipChildren to TApplication, now when change the
BidiMode of Applcication it change the BidiMode of Forms and
FlipChildren for it.

4 - I removed this code from application.inc (see below) in
TApplication.Create, because :
* BidiMode of Application depend on developer choice not depend on
system locale.
* What if i built an English tools/application then run it in right to
left system locale, it will be launch as RightToLeft while it is not
designed for that.
* If we use a multinlanguage, BidiMode changed depend on the language
chosen by user, while every developer has own translation
model/library not only GetText.
it make confused with BidiMode of TForm when the form has ParentBidiMode
Also it force to compile GetText while i am not use GetText.
---------------  this code i commented temporary
 {$ifndef wince}// remove ifdef when gettext is fixed
  GetLanguageIDs(LangDefault, LangFallback);
  if LangDefault <> '' then
    FBidiMode := BidiModeMap[IsRTLLang(LangDefault)]
    FBidiMode := BidiModeMap[IsRTLLang(LangFallback)];
    FBidiMode := bdLeftToRight;

If you not like TVisualCompont i can merge the code of BidiMode of it
to TLCLComponent, but not all components have ParentBidiMode Like as
TScreen, TApplicationProperties for example.

Zaher Dirkey
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