[Lazarus] Size of TToolBar buttons

Hans-Peter Diettrich DrDiettrich1 at aol.com
Wed May 27 02:24:09 CEST 2009

Mattias Gaertner schrieb:

>> In my examples\dockmanager\easytree\easydocking project I have
>> problems with the width of the toolbar buttons. The button captions
>> are displayed, but the button width is insufficient. AutoSize seems
>> not to work?
> I tried 20238:
> The fonts are tiny. Probably they are not supposed to be read, aren't
> they?

Which fonts do you mean?

>> To reproduce the problem, run the project and dock one or more
>> controls into the EasyDockBook. 
> ok. no problem here.
>> Eventually you have to undefine dragForm in fMain.pas.
> ok
> I compiled again.
> I see no difference.
>> Then click on one of the colored rectangles in the EasyDockMain form, and dock
>> the occuring floating control into the EasyDockBook. Repeat as often
>> as you like. The tabs in the EasyDockBook should show the full name
>> of the docked controls.
> I restarted the example. Dragging the red form does not work under gtk2.
> I didn't found an alternative way. Is there one? A popup menu would be
> nice.

Dragging forms currently is not supported by all widgetsets. So I added 
the option to drag controls, from the client area of the floating forms.

Please try again.

>> Is it a bug, or what am I missing?
> Please create a bug report with an easier example.

The program was designed to demonstrate a couple of bugs at once. I can 
extend it to use different kinds of notebook controls, all with the same 
procedures. When you have a look at BUGS.txt, you'll see what has to be 
or already has been fixed in the LCL, based on this demonstration 
program. For questions you can reach me in #lazarus-ide, usually in the 
early morning or afternoon (GMT). Paul Ishenin also is familiar with the 
program and the bugs, he also can help you in the chat.

The TToolBar/TToolButton bugs are:

1. AutoSize has no effect at runtime, on both controls.

2. Wrap doesn't work.
If set to True, it doesn't add further rows when the buttons do not fit 
into one.
If set to False, there exists no means to scroll the buttons.

I tried a TPageControl before, instead of the toolbar with separate 
docking area. There I found many more bugs in the control.

I also tried a THeaderControl, also with several bugs. The buttons, 
shown instead of the expected tabs, inspired me to use a toolbar.

I'm willing to create according bug reports, if the obvious bugs cannot 
be fixed on the fly.


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