[Lazarus] Lazarus on gtk2 double double-click (and SourceEditor select-word failure)

Flávio Etrusco flavio.etrusco at gmail.com
Sat May 30 14:56:35 CEST 2009

> Martin Friebe wrote:
>> Check if your mouse moves?
>> It works fine for me, except if I move the mouse between the 2 clicks.

I didn't understand this part, but...

> -Doubleclick, but on the 2nd click keep the left button down / do not releas
> it.
> - Now move the mouse
> => Windows, is fine, the current word stays selected, the mouse-move does
> nothing
> => GTK2 the mouse move acts as if there had be no doubleclick => The
> selection-end is following the mouse
> The most likely cause is that the order of events differs (between mousedown
> and doubleclick)

... this lead to the answer :) Thanks!
The behavior was almost like you said, except the word was selected
then partially de-selected, because the double-click event was
triggered twice (without a mouseup/release in between).
I hadn't previously thought it could be hardware-related since it's
working fine on Windows, but it was indeed caused by a USB hub in the
way :-/

Can someone please close the issue I registered?

Many thanks Martin and Mattias!

Best regards,

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